Packages in PLSQL

 PL/SQL packages in Oracle provide a way to encapsulate and manage related procedures, functions, and variables. Packages allow you to organize your PL/SQL code into functional units that can be easily shared and reused across multiple applications.

Here’s a brief example to illustrate how packages work in PL/SQL:

  • Package Specification:
  • Package Body:

This is just a simple example, but it demonstrates the basic structure of a PL/SQL package. The package specification defines the public interface to the package, including the function get_employee_name and the procedure add_employee.

The package body contains the implementation of these functions and procedures. To use the package, you simply call the functions or procedures just like you would call any other PL/SQL subprogram.

For example, you can call the get_employee_name function like this:

And you can call the add_employee procedure like this:

This is just a basic example, but it demonstrates the concepts and structure of PL/SQL packages. Packages can also include variables, types, and other subprograms, and they can be used to implement more complex applications.

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